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The primary goal of the 数学 Department is to develop a curriculum sequence that meets the academic needs of all nba官方正规买球网站 students. Above all, students are encouraged to achieve their highest mathematical potential. 许多学生希望有一个积极的数学序列,提供丰富, 具有挑战性的机会, whereas other students look for a program that will build their confidence and comfort level with a discipline that is difficult for them. 在制定课程顺序时, we recognize that students come from diverse backgrounds and therefore students are placed into courses that will best fit their individual needs.

The department offers courses that range from Algebra to Advanced Placement Calculus. 另外, the department offers electives each year that provide students with an opportunity to explore, 分析, 通过一种非传统的方式来欣赏数学. Three years of mathematics are required for graduation with a typical sequence of courses consisting of Algebra I, 几何, 与代数II. 然而, 得到数学系系主任和教务处长的许可, 其他一些途径也是可能的. 鼓励学生与数学老师交流, 学校顾问, and parents as they determine the appropriate sequence of courses for their high school program. 另外, it is important for students in their sophomore and junior years to check the mathematics requirements of potential colleges, 因为许多大学建议(或要求)申请者学习四年数学.

All students enrolled in math courses are required to obtain a graphing calculator. 今天, calculators are an integral component of the learning process and students need to be adept at using this technology. 另外, a graphing calculator is required by most colleges as well as on standardized math tests such as the SAT, 行为, SAT II科目考试, 以及AP微积分和统计学考试. 系里强烈建议学生购买TI-84 Plus. The school has a small supply of calculators that can be lent to students for the school year if needed and are distributed on a first come, 先得制. 

如果你对索伯里学校数学系有任何疑问, 请通过mgavin@solebury与部门主管米歇尔·加文联系.org.




代数我: 本课程全面探讨基本的代数原理. Topics covered include simplifying expressions using the appropriate order of 操作, solving first and second degree equations in one variable with both algebraic and graphical methods, 解绝对值方程和不等式, 以及函数的概念. 此外,学生将 simplify and solve rational equations as well as examine the basic principles surrounding 激进的 expressions. 学生将探索线性和二次函数, 以及二元方程组. 在整个课程中, an emphasis will be placed on solving real-world problems with both algebraic and graphical processes. 教材:普伦蒂斯霍尔代数I由巴西亚·霍尔,丹·肯,兰德尔我. 查尔斯(ISBN: 978- 0133500400)

代数概念1: 学生将在本课程中发现代数的基本原理. They will be taught through a multisensory and multidimensional type of curriculum. This course is slower-paced with built-in support for reaching and furthering the analysis of topics covered in Algebra I. 这些基础包括数感, 操作, 分析分析, 两步方程, 解决问题, 程序和计算流畅性. 技术将在适当的时候注入. Enrollment in this course is predicated on joining the Math Support Program and entails an additional fee. 获取更广泛程序的描述, 请参阅数学系部分的上述信息. 前提条件:数学支持主任推荐. 6学分,不需要教科书

几何: 本课程的目的是让学生发现猜想和 definitions of geometry through hands-on investigations. 学生将学会申请 deductive and inductive reasoning as they examine geometric proofs. Relationships and properties such as congruence and similarity will be examined in depth. 另外, 学生将研究圆的性质, 直角三角形的三角学, 以及有关平面和立体图形的公式. 本课程固有的是批判性思维技能的发展, 逻辑, 几何可视化. 如果时间允许, an exploration of symmetry and/or a review of algebra will be included at the conclusion of the course, 因为大多数学生将在第二年进入代数II. 前提条件:代数I. 6学分教科书:普伦蒂斯霍尔几何由巴西亚霍尔,丹·肯,兰德尔我. 查尔斯(ISBN: 978- 0133500417)

几何概念: 本课程的目的是让学生发现猜想和
通过证明和动手研究来定义几何. 学生将学会申请
deductive and inductive reasoning as they examine geometric proofs through a multi-sensory approach.
This course moves at a slower pace as we try to uncover the fundamental and conceptual understanding of
关系和性质,如同余、对称和相似. 此外,学生将
研究三角形的性质, 四边形, 多边形, 二维和三维的圆
飞机. 本课程固有的是批判性思维技能的发展, 逻辑, and geometrical
可视化. 代数材料将在适当的时候贯穿整个课程. 先决条件:
代数I或代数. 概念I或Alg. 概念二世.

荣誉几何: A more in-depth analysis of the topics covered in 几何 through inquiry based learning. This honors version of 几何 is intended for students who plan to follow mathematics through AP Calculus. 将更加强调批判性思维技能和证明. 前提条件:B或更好的荣誉代数I或与老师推荐. 本课程可与荣誉代数II同时修习 & 三角函数. 荣誉,6学分. 不需要教科书

代数2: This course is recommended for students who need a moderately paced approach to Algebra II. The subject matter includes a brief review of first-degree polynomials followed by an in-depth study of higher-power polynomials as well as rational, 激进的, 指数, 和对数函数. 注意函数和它们的图之间的关系. This course enables students to move on to Pre-Calculus, and it fulfills the graduation requirement. 前提条件:代数I. 6学分,不需要教科书

荣誉代数II和三角: 对代数II中涵盖的主题进行更快节奏和更深入的分析. 此外,本课程将全面介绍三角函数. This course is recommended for students who plan to follow mathematics through AP Calculus. 本课程的学生将为荣誉微积分预备课程做准备. 前提条件:B或更好的荣誉代数I或与老师推荐. 荣誉,6学分. 不需要教科书

代数概念II: This course is recommended for students who need math support and are interested in developing greater strength on coursework related to algebraic concepts and functions. 内容与常规代数II课程相似, 然而, the pace is slower and with built-in support for reaching and furthering the analysis of topics covered in Algebra II. This course counts as part of the three-year graduation sequence for mathematics. Enrollment in this course is predicated on joining the Math Support Program and entails an additional fee. 获取更广泛程序的描述, 请参阅数学系部分的上述信息. 前提条件:代数I或代数概念I. 6学分. 不需要教科书

有关微积分的知识: This course is designed to give students more preparation for 微积分 by furthering their study of algebra and geometry. 其他主题包括对三角学的深入分析, 极坐标和参数方程的介绍, 和二次曲线. Successful completion of this course enables students to move on to AP Calculus AB. 前提条件:C+或以上的代数II. 6学分,不需要教科书

荣誉有关微积分的知识: This course is a faster-paced and more in-depth analysis of the topics covered in Pre微积分. 如果时间允许, 其他主题包括:系列和序列, 部分分式分解, 微积分入门. 本课程使学生能够继续学习AP微积分BC. 先决条件: B or better in Honors Algebra II and Trig or with teacher recommendation. 荣誉,6学分不需要教科书

AP微积分AB(微积分I): 本课程相当于大学第一学期的微积分课程, 涵盖微分和积分. Students will study limits of functions, continuity, derivatives and applications of the derivative. 作为积分学的一部分, 学生将研究定积分作为黎曼和的极限, 曲线下的面积, 解微分方程, 以及在经济学中的各种应用, 生物, 身体状况. 学生需要在五月参加AB大学先修课程考试. 前提条件:微积分预科B或以上. AP, 6学分,不需要教科书

AP微积分BC(微积分I & 微积分(二): This course is a full year 微积分 course that includes all of the topics covered in AP Calculus AB plus topics typically covered in a Calculus II course at the college level. Technology will be an important part of the class to reinforce work and to interpret results of various experiments and data. This course is faster paced than the AB course and students should be prepared to attend occasional class sessions outside of the regularly scheduled times. 学生需要在五月参加BC大学先修课程考试. 先决条件:荣誉预计算B或更好. AP, 6学分. 不需要教科书

据美联社统计: The Advanced Placement course in Statistics is equivalent to a one-semester introductory, non-微积分-based, 大学统计学课程. The AP Statistics course covers four broad themes which include: exploring data, 计划学习, 预测模式, 统计推断. 这门课是写作密集型课程. Students who have successfully completed Algebra II and who possess sufficient mathematical maturity are eligible for this course. 学生必须在五月参加大学先修课程考试. 前提条件:代数II B+或更好. AP, 6学分教材:统计实践,第6版. 23 .斯塔尼斯和塔博尔,ISBN-13: 978-1319113339

多变量微积分: This yearlong course is similar to a third semester study of 微积分 at the collegiate level and is a continuation of the topics typically studied in Calculus I and II. While 微积分 up until this point has focused on the study of scalar-valued functions of one variable, multivariable 微积分 considers multiple inputs and vector-valued outputs and thus students will learn to 分析 functions in a multidimensional setting. 熟悉的主题,如绘图, 分化, and integration will be extended as students learn about vector algebra and geometry in space, 向量值函数, 多变量函数, 偏导数和链式法则, 拉格朗日乘数法, 多个集成, 迭代积分, 换变量. Students may exercise the option to take this course for three college credits in “Advanced Calculus” through Delaware Valley University. Registration and tuition payment of $300 to Del Val will occur during the fall term for interested students. 前提条件:AP微积分BC或与数学系主席的批准). 6学分. 不需要教科书

金融数学: This yearlong course will use a mixture of arithmetic and algebraic skills to tackle the major concepts involved in the modern world of business and finance. 要涵盖的主要主题包括简单 & 复利, 消费信贷, 以及各种投资工具, 比如年金和国库券. 基本的商业应用也将包括在课程中, 比如标记, 减价, 库存方法. 虽然这门课会用到一些复杂的数学, (从代数, 有关微积分的知识, 概率 & 统计数据, 微积分, and geometry) students need only to have completed a second year course in algebra to be ready for the material here. 最后, economic concepts will be introduced and studied concurrently for the purpose of applying newfound mathematical skills, 由导师认为合适. 这些概念包括供应 & 需求、边际成本、股票市场和外汇交易. Students should come out of this course with the knowledge of how to use mathematics to make informed decisions as they earn, 花, 并在他们的余生中省钱. 前提条件:完成代数II. 6学分,不需要教科书

统计: This two-trimester course is an introduction course in 统计数据 intended for students who want to understand 统计数据 through a wide lens. 它不是AP课程,也不遵循AP课程. 讨论的主题包括:显示和描述数据, 样本和样本量, 正态曲线, 回归概率, 统计推断, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing with applications in the real world. 学生将设计、测试和报告统计数据. 前提条件:代数II或同时采取代数II. 4个学分. 不需要教科书



建筑与设计: This course (offered in the spring term) is designed to give students a wide net of exploration into the world of architecture with an emphasis on European Architecture, 特别是罗马的影响. All architecture will be explored through an engineering and artistic point of view. 主要的兴趣点包括:摩天大楼、桥梁和设计元素. We will also explore natural forces such as wind and earthquake issues as well as environmentally friendly options. This class will incorporate creative explorations which will end with a completed portfolio of a city designed by the student. 本课程完成全球研究项目学分. 前提条件:无,全球,2学分. 不需要教科书



Math Support Program (MSP) is a learning enrichment and support program which provides innovative resources and a nurturing environment to support the math curriculum at nba官方正规买球网站. 该计划包括三个主要组成部分:

  • 代数概念1
  • 代数概念2
  • 几何的概念

This three-year math sequence is for students with math disabilities or significant difficulties with math. For some students, one year with math support is needed followed by mainstreamed classes. 为他人, 支持所有三个层次的数学:代数概念I, 几何概念与代数概念2. Successful completion of this three year sequence fulfills graduation requirements. We offer 代数概念1 every year and teach the 几何 or Algebraic II course every other year.

  • Students will discover the fundamentals of algebra through a multisensory and multidimensional type of curriculum.
  • 到代数概念1的期末, 该课程的学生将在代数概念方面有更强的基础. 这个基础包括:数感, 操作, 分析分析, 多步方程, 解决问题, 以及程序和计算的流畅性.
  • 到代数概念II的期末, students in the program will have studied the main topics inherent to an Algebra curriculum. 这些主题包括:线性, 二次, 以及多项式函数, 激进分子, 数据分析, 指数函数, 以及解决问题的能力.
  • 在几何学概念课上, students in the program will have a stronger understanding of two-dimensional 飞机 几何 as it applies to 多边形, 更强的批判性思维能力,因为它适用于证据中的猜测, 更强的空间推理能力.
  • 技术将在适当的时候注入.
  • Additional information and admission requirements provided on the Algebraic Concepts fact sheet.

如果你对索伯里学校的数学支持计划有任何疑问, 请与项目主任联系, Dr. 珍·佩雷斯 jperez@firephenix.net.

欲了解更多信息,请参阅我们的 数学支持计划页面.